VoIP And IP Telephony Services:

All-In-One, Flexible Systems

At IEC, we offer full on-site, managed VoIP systems that can be tailored to fit the size of any business with a price that fits any budget.

We also provide financing and support options for new VoIP systems that give you a flat monthly rate—so you always know what you are paying.

No More Landlines

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make phone calls using the internet instead of an analog POTS line. With VoIP (also known as IP Telephony), you can combine phone, data, video-conferencing, and voicemail to email capabilities into a single network, often saving money.

Improve Communication With VoIP

VoIP has features that enable you to do business more effectively and more productively. You and your employees can access your network securely while working from home or any remote location where there is a broadband connection. You can enjoy better communication with your team and customers, with added features such as video conferencing.

Save Money With VoIP

Your monthly costs can be greatly reduced due to the efficiency of using the same network infrastructure for data and voice. IP Telephony seamlessly ties voice, data, wireless, video conferencing, and instant messaging into a single service. Managing one network can make systems more affordable and long-distance rates are very low. It is simple to add a phone line when bringing on a new employee or adding a new business location, saving you time and money.

Better Customer Service With VoIP

With your phone system on an IP network, calls can be transferred regardless of location. Fewer callers are stuck on hold or lost in voice mail menus which means improved customer service. Plus, an IP Telephony system eliminates the need for desktop phones or multiple devices.

Full-Service VoIP Solutions

We can help you assess your needs to find the best phone solution. At IEC, we have extensive knowledge and experience in both voice and network solutions. Our engineers take a strategic approach to your IP Telephony project, starting with discovery and assessment. We then custom design your network and telephony. Once we have completed the installation, we provide training for you and your staff.

Benefits of a VoIP Solution include:

  • Better security
  • Faster access
  • Improved collaboration
  • Easier migration
  • Video conferencing
  • Fax over IP (FoIP)
  • Email integration
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Single number reach / single business voicemail
  • Powerful call processing and messaging