Managed IT Services:
Customized, Tiered Support

Our managed IT services are focused on providing the appropriate IT resources and support your business needs — at an affordable cost.

Whether you’re a business or organization with no IT staffing or a larger company with an IT team, we can offer you the level of IT service and support you need.

IEC’s managed services work like an insurance policy, potentially saving you thousands of dollars by preventing downtime. The costs are predictable, so there are no surprises in your monthly bills.

One call solves it all. If your users are having trouble with email, we’ll work directly with them to resolve the problem. When you call IEC, your call never goes to an answering service while you wait for “the next available technician.” Our engineers are local and very deeply embedded in your environment. We know your history and can quickly solve problems — most issues are resolved on the first call.

Tier 1 Support: StaffAssist Managed Services
This level of managed services is our IT expert to IT expert support. We assist your engineers by monitoring alerts that happen on weekends or in the middle of the night — so your IT staff can get some sleep! Our highly certified engineers are deeply immersed in your IT environment. We’ll maintain engineer-level communication while monitoring servers, running patches and maintaining your anti-virus updates. The best IT is quiet IT, meaning everything is running smoothly. If email goes down on the weekend, we can fix it and alert your engineers before it becomes a Monday morning crisis.

Tier 2 Support: RemoteCare Managed Services
RemoteCare is IT expert to IT technician support. If you have a technician on-site who can be the eyes and hands for our remote engineer, 95% of issues that crop up can be resolved with remote support. We’ll also monitor your servers for write errors, memory utilization, and overheating, so you aren’t on call or up all night. We can implement Windows update patches, as well as anti-virus updates to keep your network running smoothly.

Tier 3 Support: TotalCare Managed Services
TotalCare is our complete, on-site managed services support package. This premium IT service includes the StaffAssist and RemoteCare levels of support. TotalCare includes disaster recovery.

No matter which level of our managed services you choose, a dedicated member of our staff will be available for your needs. You’ll be talking to a person — not some call center — for 24/7/365 support. While we typically solve problems on the first call, if it’s something more complex, we never stop until the issue is resolved completely.

Our Managed IT services include:

Network Monitoring 24/7/365

With our 24/7/365 network monitoring, our technician becomes the monitoring agent of your server. We help keep your servers from running hot, running low on memory, and free of other service interruptions that can cause employee downtime.

Data Security

Our back-up and disaster service (BDR) provides peace of mind for all of your data back up and recovery needs.  With our proprietary system data back ups can occur as often as every 15 minutes.  All data is stored locally and copies are sent to an off site storage nightly.

Managed Voice

IEC offers full, on-site managed VoIP telephony systems tailored to your business, and at a cost that fits your budget. Our process involves discovery and assessment, systems design, installation, training, ongoing support, and management.

Virtual CTO

We can serve as your trusted advisors. With our Virtual CTO services, we become your IT department. IEC works with you to continually evaluate your network functions, and we’ll assist you in planning for the future when it’s time to upgrade or make changes to any of your technology or systems.

Advanced Network Monitoring

With our full-service, advanced network management, IEC can act as your IT expert for all of your router, switch, and firewall support needs.

What Our Clients Say

“IEC has helped me with all of my IT issues, providing not only remote monitoring but assistance with uploading programs and general computer problems. They have been a lifesaver on many occasions. The support team communicates the problem and solution so that I feel 100% comfortable with the decisions and results.”

Trish Blalock,
Office Administrator
Wrico Corporation

How can we help you? Contact us to set up a free IT consultation, and we will talk about what you need and how we can help.  For more information about our IT services and capabilities, or to schedule a free consult, please call Jeff Skillin (720) 638-5507, or e-mail

IEC is located in the Denver metro area, in DTC. In addition to IT services, we also provide managed services, including: network monitoring, advanced network monitoring, data protection, and virtual CIO / CTO services.