Introducing Signature Tier 3:

Outsourced network support for your clients escalated work tickets

Signature Tier 3 is a Safety Net for Your Clients’ Networks

You call the shots, assign the tickets, and control the clients while we solve their tricky network issues.


  • A partnership between you and IEC to provide tier 3 level support for your clients’ network tickets.
  • An outside vendor relationship that operates more like in-house staff—we’re available when you need us.
  • Agreed upon retainer levels controlled by you.
  • Senior level engineers with extensive experience and expertise.
  • All network related services available: problems, troubleshooting, planning, new network design and installation, consulting.
  • Expertise with all major brands of routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless equipment.


  • It’s costly and inefficient to staff senior engineers.
  • It can be difficult to find—and keep—the right superstar for your team.
  • Your senior engineer may sometimes need backup support to handle the network demands of your clients.
  • To provide you the flexibility to take on new clients with more complex challenges without onboarding new staff.


  • You purchase a monthly retainer based on anticipated work hours. The more hours you purchase, the lower the hourly rate.
  • You choose which tickets to assign to IEC and we take ownership of that ticket.
  • Unused retainer hours can be rolled over for one month.
  • We work the ticket either independently or in conjunction with your team.
  • Ticket reviews and check-ins on a continual basis to maximize communication between IEC and you.

SIGNATURE TIER 3 OFFERINGS—in addition to Senior Engineer Tech Support, we offer these additional services. All are charged at the same hourly rate and credited against your total hours.


  • Network diagram creation/updating
  • Network documentation/device list creation/updating
  • Network device monitoring/management/alerting
  • Network device config backups
  • Network device password changes
  • Network device firmware upgrades
  • MSP network training/mentoring
  • Internal process development
  • Technical strategy and roadmapping
  • Assessments and best-practices reviews
  • MFA plan/design/implementation
  • Retainer hours may be used for projects and project management


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What Our Clients Say

“The IEC team is professional and takes pride in owning the task at hand, working to find solutions that meet our technical and business needs. Their technical knowledge is always on the cutting edge and they are able to offer options and solutions that work for us.”

Del Talley

Superintendent Project Delivery

Operations and Infrastructure Global Projects

BHP Billiton